We can offer a wide range of Tinctures, Solutions and Essential Oils made to order to our customer's specification. We keep  limited stocks of some of these materials. If you have a requirement then please ask.

Arnica Flower Tincture

Asafoetida Tincture

Bay Oil

Banana Oil

Belladona Tincture

Compound Benzoin Tincture BP

Blackcurrant Syrup

Calamine Powder

Capsicum Tincture

Cantharides Tincture BP

Aromatic Cardamon Tincture

Cantharides Tincture BP

Cardamon Compound Tincture

Caster Oil

Catechu Tincture

Cats Claw Tincture

Coccinella Liquid Extract

Cinnamon Oil

Citric Acid BP

Citronella OIL

Clove Oil

Cream Of Tartar BP

Eucalyptus Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

Fennel Oil

Ferric Perchloride Tincture BP (Steel Drops)

Gentian Infusion

Gentian Tincture Compound

Ginger Tincture


Jasmine Oil

Juniper Berry Oil

Lavender Tincture

Compound Red Lavender Tincture

Lemmon Oil

Lime Oil

Liquorice Liquid Extract

Lobelia Tincture Ethereal BPC

Musk Zylol

Myrrh Tincture BPC

Neem Oil

Nutmeg Oil

Opiate Squill Linctus BP

Peanut Oil

Propolis Resin

Orange Flower Water

Orange Tincture

Phenol Liquid

Raspberry Juice Concentrate BPC

Red Spice Extract

Rose Water Concentrate BPC

Rosemary Oil

Rhubarb Tincture BP

Senaga Infusion (Concentrated) BP

Tolu Flavour Solution BP

Tolu Syrup BP

Squill Tincture BP

Squill Vinegar BP

Tea Tree Oil

Thyme Oil

Valerian Infusion Concentrated BP

Valerian Simple Tincture BP

Witch Hazel Distilled Extract  BPC 73