Joseph Flach & Sons Limited

Joseph Flach came to London from Germany in the 1880s and in 1882 he set up his business importing and wholesaling botanicals. Joseph Flach & Sons Limited (JFS) was incorporated in 1927.

Since inception JFS has survived both world wars, many serious economic recessions and countless changes in fashion, need and trading habits. Today we remain a successful and vibrant business, trading across the world in botanical products and related merchandise.

We have customers on six continents and constantly receive new enquires from around the world.

ISO22000 - Food Safety Management System

 Joseph Flach & Sons Ltd joined ISO22000, the Food Safety Management System for organisations in the food chain, farm to fork. Becoming certified to ISO22000 allows us to demonstrate to our customers that we have a food safety management system in place. Joseph Flach & Sons Ltd obtained this certification in April 2015 (due to expire in April 2021). ISO22000 Certificate.

Labour Rights

In addition to the above, JFS Ltd is also a member of The British Herbal Medicine Association and the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce.

Forced or involuntary labour is totally unacceptable anywhere and JFS will play no part in this abuse of human rights.
No employment of children except in circumstances that protect their legal rights, protect them from physical risks and do not disrupt their education.
Respect the rights of employees to join legally recognised labour unions.
Prohibition of any form of harassment in the workplace.

Support for all we employ in a happy and valued work environment.

All our employees get their birthday off as a free day of additional holiday so they can spend it with family and friends. 

Health and Safety

Design of business practices to safeguard the health and safety aspects of the working environment for all.

Training and guidance in all necessary procedures, with refresher training and constant reminders.

Commitment that working hours will not be excessive and that offer a great work life balance. 

Fair Remuneration

We pay our staff accordingly and take good care of them. Their wellbeing and happiness matters immensely to us and we see them as our family.

Diversity and Respect for Differences

JFS is totally committed to offer any opportunity for employment or promotion based on merit, irrespective of factors such as gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality or age.

We value people for who they are, their personality, their skill, their engagement and their loyalty. People matter and their wellbeing is paramount and we will do what we can to positively influence those that we can.

Opportunity for Development

We value our people highly and want them to reach their full potential while enjoying working with us and so we will encourage and support any training and development that may be useful for them and expand their horizons and capabilities.

Ethical Trading Policy

JFS is committed to ensuring that our relationships with our people, our suppliers, our customers and our environment are ethically as well as commercially sound.

Because most of our products are naturally grown material our support of sustainability is inherent. 

JFS uses a supplier of electricity that sources 90% of its supply from verified renewable sources.

Living is Giving

We like to do something positive, we can't save the world but we can help some people and some organisations. We support a number of charity and not for profit organisations as direct sponsors and each member of our team nominates their own special charity for our support.