"In the year 1875, when I came to London for the first time, I had already planned to establish my own business in London... Fate favoured this plan of my youth, and today 15th August 1882, exactly ten years later, as it was on the same date that I left my paternal home for the first time, my name proudly shines on the door of my modest office at 16 Water Lane, first floor, room 35..."

Also in 1882, Joseph Flach acted as Agents for several European companies, but at a later date decided to hold stock and become a Merchant. He was joined by his eldest son James in 1902, who had spent time working in France and Germany to gain experience and learn the languages.

In 1908, after a short illness, the founder Joseph Flach, sadly passed away at the age of 51 years. At this point, another son, Gabriel gave up his job as an engineering apprentice to join the family business. James and Gabriel entered into Partnership when Gabriel turned 21.


In 1923 Paul, the youngest brother, joined the Partnership and the firm moved to a larger premises at 64 Mark Lane, London.

1924 saw the business exhibited at the 'British Empire Exhibition'.

In 1926, Joseph Flach & Sons accquired the old established business of 'Walter Jaques Son & Co and in 1927, having grown in size, the business became a Private Limited Company and the following year, moved premises once again, to a warehouse at No.8 Upper East Smithfield.

In 1935, the company exhibited at the Brussels Universal and International Exhibition and was awarded a Gold and Silver medal.


Ronald and Anthony Flach, twin sons of Gabriel, joined the company in 1940. They both worked in the warehouse and office before being called up for service with the Royal Navy. At the same time, Paul Flach was called up for service with the Pinner Fire Brigade.

On the night of 11th January, 1941, the warehouse at Upper East Smithfield was damaged by enemy action and gutted by fire. Alternative arrangements were sought and a lease was taken out at 140 Falkland Road, Harringay, London. later that year the offices were also relocated from Mark Lane to the new site in Harringay. Drying and Rubbing plants were installed and both Culinary and Medicinal Herbs were dried and processed. County Herb Committees organised the collection of wild plants such as Nettle, Rose and Dandelion. Small growers planted Sage, Thyme, Marjoram, Mint and Parsley.

In 1945, after being demobbed, Ronald and Anthony rejoined the company.

Paul Flach was later appointed to the Board in 1951.



After 52 years of service, James Flach retired from the company in 1954 and Ronald and Anthony were appointed to the Board. Later in 1958, Gabriel then retired, at which time Paul Flach took over as Chairman.

In 1959, at the age of 73, James Flach passed away. At this time his wife, Lillie Flach, became a Director. In the same year, Peter Flach, the youngest son of Gabriel, joined the company.

After 39 years of service with the firm, Paul Flach passed away suddenly in 1962 at the age of 55. Ronald Flach took over as Chairman and Peter Flach was appointed as Secretary.

1967 saw the resignation of Gabriel Flach who had been with the firm as Secretary and Director for 59 years.

Lillie Flach passed away in 1968.



On 1st July 1972, Peter Flach was appointed as Director of the Firm and sadly on the 16th December of that year, his father Gabriel Flach passed away at the age of 83.

3rd July 1982, A Thanksgiving Mass and Celebratory Dinner were held at The Church of Christ the King, Bramley Road Southgate, London for the Centenary of the company on 15th August. A small exhibition was held showing the History of the company, a selection of Medicinal and Culinary Herbs ands Spices, together with the oringinal books of Joseph Flach. The following people were in attendance..

Elise Flach, widow of Gabriel, Twentytwo Grandchildren of the founder, Joseph Flach, Several Great Grandchildren, One Great Great Grandchild, Several former employees & Friends of the family.

In 1988, due to expansion, the firm relocated to Peterborough and Stephen Flach, son of Ronald, joined the company to work in the Export Department.

Ginette Flach, daughter of Ronald, joined the company in 1989 to work in the Finance Department and UK Sales.



Ronald and Anthony Flach celebrated 50 years of working together in 1990. A celebration dinner was held at the George Hotel at Buckden, Cambridgeshire. Ginette Flach and Stephen Flach were appointed as company Directors.

In 1991, Anthony Flach retired from the firm and later resigned as Director on the 31st December. In 1995, Ronald announced his intention to retire on the 18th December of that year. Ronald had been with the firm for 55 years.

Today, the family firm that Joseph Flach founded, continues its business as Merchants. It is now the third and fourth generations of the Flachs who provide a high level of service ensuring that the special needs of the markets meet the high quality standards expected by our customers Worldwide.

The firm holds extensive stocks of Botanical raw materials, including Medicinal herbs, Culinary herbs, Gums, Spices, Flowers, Berries, Seeds and Peels, most of which can be supplied in either whole, cut, rubbed or powdered form. In more recent years, the range has been extended to include Pharmaceutical raw materials, Primary inorganic chemicals, Tinctures and Herbal extracts.

Throughout the years the firm has not only gained expertise but also contacts Worldwide and is able to offer an extensive range of products.