Bladderwrack Wholesale (Fucus vesiculosus)

Seaweed’s Secret Health Benefits


It may not have the most glamorous sounding of names, but don’t let that put you off – Bladderwrack is a highly beneficial ingredient for today’s herbal industry. It thrives in many of our oceans and is, in fact, a perennial seaweed. Its name is a reference to the ‘bladders’ of air that are contained on its fronds and which help to keep the Bladderwrack stay buoyant. And bladderwrack’s benefits are helping drive the popularity of this nutritious seaweed.

Bladderwrack Benefits for Health

Bladderwrack is one of the sea vegetables that contain the highest levels of iodine known to man. And it is this naturally-occurring source of iodine which is so valued in the herbal industry. It can help support a healthy functioning thyroid gland, and this action was first recognised in the early 1800s. Historically it was used in the treatment of goitre, which is caused by an enlarged thyroid gland. Iodine is one of the most crucial nutrients for a healthy thyroid, yet it usually lacks in many diets. Without sufficient levels of iodine, the body can’t make thyroid hormones. It’s most commonly blended into a tincture for health purposes and to fully gain the Bladderwrack benefits for health.

Noted for its Weight Control Capabilities

This seaweed also boasts diuretic qualities and is known traditionally to help with water retention and bloating. It Is also claimed to offer an ability to help control weight and this Is also down to the iodine levels. This nutrient is thought to stimulate the metabolism and so also help boost weight loss in that manner. Bladderwrack Is also an excellent source of the carotenoid, fucoxanthin – which is currently gaining interest for its potential fat-burning effect. In powdered form Bladderwrack can be used sparingly in stews and soups and on salads as well as being blended into smoothies to take advantage of its health benefits.

Bladderwrack And the Beauty Industry

Because Bladderwrack  Is believed to help flush the body of unwanted fluid, it is also used in many anti-cellulite creams and the diuretic effect of the seaweed can aid the body to expel fluid that is building up before it starts to produce cellulite.

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