Wholesale Coriander Seeds (Coriandrum sativum)


The uniquely aromatic flavour of coriander seeds is all down to the fatty acids and essential volatile oils that they contain – and it is these properties that are also responsible for its digestion-enhancing and carminative nature too. The seeds are obtained from the coriander plant (also known as cilantro in the western world), and coriander seed powder can be milled from them too.

Coriander Seeds And Gin

Think of gin, and most people think of the juniper berry but did you know that the second most common botanical used in gin is coriander seeds - you’d be hard pushed to find a gin that doesn’t contain them. Gin makers may devote many hours to finding the perfect coriander seed – its flavour profile can differ depending on where it has been grown. In a typical coriander seed-infused gin, the flavour will be discerned towards the end of the drink; it has interesting notes that can be citrusy, nutty and with a hint of spice.

Coriander Seeds And Cuisine

Heartily used in Middle Eastern and Indian dishes, coriander seed adds a citrusy, slightly sweet tang to food, and can work in both sweet and savoury recipes. It particularly pairs well with pork, chicken and vegetables and is also a beautiful accompaniment to bread and grains like couscous and rice. The seeds can also be used to flavour oils.

Coriander Seeds And Herbal Medicines

Coriander seeds have an excellent carminative quality – which is why it is frequently used in gripe water preparations. It is known to support healthy digestion and in some cultures is used as an appetite stimulant.

Bulk Wholesale of Coriander Seeds and Powder

At Joseph Flach & Sons we supply bulk ingredients to trade customers who require substantial quantities of botanicals. We are invested in every botanical ingredient we trade in and work with only the very best suppliers from across the globe.

We source a wide range of botanicals and other plant materials including root, wood, bark, stem, leaf, flower, seed, pod, fruit, berries, gums and extracts and sell these in differing forms depending on your requirements.

Our staff are highly knowledgeable about each of our botanicals and can assist with any queries about their provenance or best use. With over a century of trading success, you can be confident in our ability to source you the premium raw ingredients you need.

Whether you require coriander seeds for culinary or medicinal commercial endeavours allow us at Joseph Flach & Sons to supply you with the very highest quality seeds.

We offer Coriander Seeds in the following forms:

  • Coriander Seeds Whole (Tuscany)

  • Coriander Seeds Whole (Indian)

  • Coriander Seeds Whole (Romanian)

  • Coriander Seed Powder

Please note that many botanicals come in different forms and grades which may determine or improve their suitability for certain applications. At Joseph Flach & Sons we carry a large range of products in various forms and grades. Please do check with our experts if you require a specific grade or form and they will be delighted to help you.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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