Mixed Spice For The Trade


Mixed spice has been appearing in British recipe books since the 1800s. Here, its warming tones have been adding something extra to a wide range of puddings, cakes and pies. At Christmas, it’s added to Christmas cakes, desserts and mince pies, while at Easter it’s used in traditional simnel cakes and hot cross buns.

Mixed spice is made up of a blend of different spices – usually cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice, with some or all of cloves, ginger, coriander seeds, mace and caraway often making an appearance too.

A traditional mixed spice blend will contain allspice, but many people will often confuse these two spices. While mixed spice is a blend of different spices, allspice is a single spice taken from the dried unripe fruit of pimenta dioca and can’t be substituted for mixed spice.

Cooking with Mixed Spice

The spices used to create the blend are typically sweet spices, so it’s predominantly used in puddings, cakes and bakes. The primary flavours that come through are that of the cinnamon and the nutmeg. Both warming tastes making this a spice that is typically associated with cooking in autumn and winter. Experimental chefs may like to try adding Mixed Spice to hearty winter casseroles or stuffing to boost their flavour. It pairs particularly well with game, pork, gammon and poultry.

It is also an excellent foil to fruity preserves and sauces like chutneys, pickles and apple sauce. Not to mention spiced ciders, mulled wine and autumnal spiced apple juices.

Other Uses

Outside of the kitchen, Mixed Spice has few uses – though individually many of its components do have health benefits. For example, cinnamon is known to lower blood sugar levels, while ginger has been said to offer anti-inflammatory properties. The pleasing aroma of the warming Mixed Spice also means it could be used in candle production.

Wholesale Provider of Mixed Spice

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