Yarrow Herb Wholesale (Achillea millefolium)

One Plant with Multiple Uses


Yarrow is a very economical herb as herbs go because all parts of the plant can be usefully put to work in a wide range of herbal applications. Its flowers offer essential oils often used to treat colds and inflammation, the leaves are believed to encourage blood clotting, while the aerial parts can be used to encourage sweating to break a fever, for phlegm conditions, as a tonic for the blood and as a diuretic.

Yarrow Herb and Cuisine

Although it has fallen out of favour now, there was a time back in the 17th century when Yarrow herb was a popular vegetable – its leaves often being prepared in the same way we prepare spinach today. But Yarrow herb is edible and is a much-under-utilised herb for the kitchen. Similar to tarragon, it has a sweet yet bitter flavour that can be used in place of tarragon or added to dishes to make them more interesting.

Yarrow Extract and Health

The Yarrow flower has a long history of being used around the world – most commonly to treat inflammation, stem bleeding and as a sedative. It’s an astringent herb that boasts natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties so is often incorporated into creams for minor wounds, cuts and burns. Yarrow herb contains achilleine, which helps slow bleeding. The herb is also rich in natural antiseptic compounds to prevent infection and Yarrow powder can be sprinkled directly onto wounds to help dull pain, soothe inflammation and encourage healing too.

The leaves can help stem a nosebleed as they encourage blood clotting, while the aerial parts of this marvellous plant have multiple uses: they can be used to make a tonic for the blood and to treat high blood pressure, to bring on sweating to help with fevers and also to treat phlegmatic conditions.

A yarrow tincture is often used in herbal medicine because it works in synergy with other herbs – enhancing their medicinal properties to make highly effective herbal remedies.

Yarrow Extract and Essential Oils

Using a steam extraction, Yarrow essential oil – a bold dark blue colour – is obtained from the flowers. This essential oil is particularly potent at fighting colds and flu when combined into a chest rub. The essential oil also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which when combined with a carrier oil can be used on joint pain.

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