Global Botanical Merchants since 1882

We are a global merchant of botanical and related products which we source from all around the world.

Stocking between 600 and 1,000 lines we supply our considerable range of high quality plant material (root, wood, bark, stem, leaf, flower, seed, pod, fruit, culinary spices, gums and extracts and in many forms, whole, cut, powdered) into a number of varied UK and international markets. Our products are used as raw materials in many well known global brands and across a diverse range of markets and products. We have customers on 5 continents with export sales accounting for around 50% of our business. Having just moved into our new warehouse facility we are now set for our next stage of growth and development.

Because we have been in business since 1882 we have a very well established and trusted supplier network and with our extensive global partners and contacts we can locate and source new products for our customers when they need them.

We pride ourselves on our customer service; many of our customers have been relying on us for many decades.

As a Wholesaler our market is to trade company customers. Our minimum order quantity is typically 10kg per product; ideally we like to sell original bag sizes that range from 10 to 25kg per item (or multiples thereof).