For Gin, Vodka, Rum & Other Spirits

The production of unique and rewarding spirits requires the subtle blending of some or many botanicals, together with the highest-quality spirit. We provide many famous and emerging gin, vodka, rum and other distilleries, on six continents, with some key raw ingredients sourced from around the world.

Gin & Vodka Botanical Ingredients

Alongside the famous juniper berry, we supply a broad range of other gin botanicals, available on a wholesale basis for delivery worldwide. Our selection of gin and vodka ingredients is notable for its breadth, as well as the sustained quality of each and every product.

Gin & Vodka Flowers sourced around the globe

We stock high quality gin and vodka flowers, along with a range of other botanicals for various spirits, all of which have been sourced from reputable suppliers in the UK, across mainland Europe, and the world. With more than 130 years of experience in the supply of distillers’ botanicals and related products, you can trust Joseph Flach & Sons to supply the very best ingredients – so you can go on distilling the very best spirits.


angelica root and seed
cardamom pods
cassia bark
chamomile flowers
coriander seed
elder flower
gentian root
grains of paradise
juniper berries
lavender flowers
orris root
red rose petals
yarrow herb

High-quality gin botanicals

A selection of our high-quality gin botanicals. Together with Juniper, many other botanicals can be used to create a distinct, rewarding gin. We stock an extensive range of botanicals – ingredients that our distillers use to create their unique flavours and styles.

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We supply high quality botanical raw materials in wholesale/bulk to businesses around the world. Take a look at the products and let us know what you are interested in, along with the desired quantity and delivery details. We'll then provide a bespoke quote.

    Please note we are a wholesaler.
    Our minimum order quantity is based on supply of multiple original whole bags (bags are typically 20 to 25kg per item).
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