Wholesale Botanicals Picked By The Experts

We source top-quality botanical products including herbs, spices and gums from around the world in wholesale bulk quantities. With over 600 dried botanicals in stock, we can procure all the ingredients you need for your business.

Our commitment to exceptional service has remained unchanged since 1882, and our ever-growing list of satisfied customers stretches across the globe.
From sea moss to marigold flowers, explore our website to find the product you’re looking for. Let our expert team take care of the full procurement process, leveraging over 300 suppliers and decades of knowledge and experience.

All products can be shipped worldwide from the UK.

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Why choose us?

Businesses have been trusting us to deliver an end-to-end botanical procurement service since 1882. With access to stock when you need it, including long-term contract order fulfilment, you can confidently keep up with supply and demand. In fact, we stock the largest range of wholesale botanicals in the UK.

Our approach is personal and experienced so that we can build your botanical procurement process from the ground up. Whatever you need, our trusted suppliers, independent accredited laboratories and blend manufacturing partners mean we can reliably deliver botanicals to the exact specification you require.


Explore our product categories

Our ingredients provide endless product possibilities. We provide choice, reliability and value for businesses. Alongside our dried botanicals, we offer oils, tinctures, and various compounds essential for producing a diverse range of end-products. Whether you’re creating animal nutrition products, foods, alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic drinks, blended teas, cosmetics, natural herbal remedies, pharmaceuticals or crafts, you can confidently choose us as your trusted supplier. Browse our popular categories below.

Animal Nutrition

Enhance animal health with natural botanical supplements.


Craft unique flavours and aromas in your brews with our botanical blends.


Elevate culinary experiences with exotic and aromatic botanical ingredients.


Add depth and complexity to spirits using our diverse range of botanicals.


Create natural skincare products enriched with botanical extracts.

Herbal Remedies

Offer herbal remedies for various ailments, backed by scientific research.


Discover a wide selection of botanical teas, each with unique scents and flavours. Incorporate botanicals into pharmaceutical formulations for holistic wellness solutions.


Who are JFS?

Since 1882, Joseph Flach & Sons has been a reliable and reputable partner for businesses in need of high-quality botanical ingredients. Our expertise in sourcing and distributing ingredients, including herbs, spices, gums, and botanical extracts, makes us an ideal procurement partner.

Our mission is all about delivering more for our wholesale customers, team, and the planet. From providing a personalised service that factors in your unique blend, specifications, certifications and freight requirements to taking the hassle of responsible sourcing off your shoulders, we can take care of everything for an accessible price. We’re dedicated to sustainability and ethical sourcing practices, using 100% recyclable packaging where possible.

If you would like to find out more about our ethos as a family-run business, visit our dedicated page about our roots.

Our Roots



Where are your products sourced from?

To ensure quality and accessibility to a wide variety of botanicals, we source products from around the world.

What’s the best way to order from you?

Email or phone us via our Contact Page, or complete the online product enquiry form with the details of the product you are after, and details about your business. The more information you provide us, the easier it will be to help you source what you are after as efficiently as possible, so unless you are certain of what you want, then please get in touch so we can help you find the best solution for your needs.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes – Our current minimum order value is £300 in goods value. Our export minimum order value is typically £1000 goods net.

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Contact us

We supply high quality botanical raw materials in wholesale/bulk to businesses around the world. Take a look at the products and let us know what you are interested in, along with the desired quantity and delivery details. We'll then provide a bespoke quote.

    Please note we are a wholesaler.
    Our minimum order quantity is based on supply of multiple original whole bags (bags are typically 20 to 25kg per item).
    Our current minimum order value £300 in goods.