Angelica Root Wholesaler (Angelica archangelica)


Angelica is a plant that is closely related to carrots, dill & fennel – and angelica herb is commonly associated with the plant’s roots, which have many uses. Once the plant has reached maturity – in its second year – the root is harvested; the roots may weigh up to 1.3kg and are rich in its signature musk scent. These roots are then dried and used predominantly in gin production, though they also find their way into perfumes and herbal medicines too.

Angelica Root And Herbal Medicine

In herbal medicine, it is the roots of the angelica plant which are most commonly used. The angelica herb is believed to have a warming, tonic effect that is said to improve appetite, aid digestion and strengthen the heart. It’s also considered to be rich in antibacterial properties. Angelica root should always be infused in boiling water before it is consumed.

Angelica Root And Gin

The root of the angelica plant is what is most commonly used in gin manufacturing – though there are a small number of gins which also make use of the flower or the seeds of the plant too. Once angelica has been distilled its flavour has earthy tones, with a slightly bitter, herby taste.

When drunk it is often mistaken for juniper berries, which is no surprise considering that – like juniper berries – angelica root is one of the most common botanicals used in gin. The root's flavour is usually consigned to a supporting role in the drink; although there are a few gins where its woody character is more discernible.

Apart from the nation’s current favourite tipple, angelica can also be found in absinthe, Chartreuse, bitters and some vermouths.

Angelica Root And Perfumery

Angelica root is highly prized in the perfume industry for its intensive aromatic properties. It is also frequently found in incense production and even in potpourri where it’s used as a fixative. The plant’s essential oil is obtained from the roots and is rich in aromatic compounds that have a musky, green perfume. It is rarely used as the star of a scent but adds a pleasing depth and complexity to florals, musks, citrus and woody fragrances.

Angelica Root Wholesaler

Joseph Flach & Sons are a trusted supplier of thousands of botanical ingredients and related products and have been in business since 1882.

Whatever your need for Angelica Root Joseph Flach & Son will be delighted to supply you in bulk. We ship our products in minimum quantities of 10kg, and our preference is to provide in the original bag or container. That being said we are hugely supportive of our customers and so will do our best to be flexible and responsive – for example, assisting growing businesses who require ingredients for product development and market testing.

At Joseph Flach & Sons we pride ourselves on our ethical, fair trading – our high standards, an expectation of sustainable growing practices and demands for the protection and well being of all staff involved in the harvesting and shipping of our products is what has shaped our growing client list.

We stock Angelica Root in the following forms:

  • Angelica Root Cut

  • Angelica Herb Cut

  • Angelica Chinese Root Cut (Dong Quai)

  • Angelica Seed

Please note that many botanicals come in different forms and grades which may determine or improve their suitability for certain applications. At Joseph Flach & Sons we carry a large range of products in various forms and grades. Please do check with our experts if you require a specific grade or form and they will be delighted to help you.

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