Providing Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) For Your Wholesale Needs


With its pungent, punchy aroma and flavour, clove is hard to miss. This spice is made from the flower buds of the clove tree (Syzygium aromaticum), which are harvested before they open and allowed to sundry. Today, Indonesia is most commonly associated with the clove trade, and the spice has been highly prized for many centuries. In medieval times one of the cloves’ key benefits was its ability to mask the smell and taste of rotting meat – its forceful taste and scent are due to the chemical eugenol. But, there’s more to eugenol than just its ability to mask the lack of refrigeration in the past. It also has protective and medicinal properties, elevating its reputation as a highly valued spice.

Cloves and Cooking

Some recipes rely on cloves – such as chai tea, gingerbread, biryani and mulled wine. Forget the cloves in any of these recipes and the dish would be unrecognisable. It makes a beautiful foil to rich game, gammon and pork in savoury dishes, while adding a tasty edge to apple pies, stewed fruit, chutneys and fruit cakes. The whole cloves are often used to stud a ham or gammon before cooking, or to stud oranges for scented pomanders. If using the entire bud, then it needs to be removed before serving as it has a hard, woody texture that could ruin the dish.

The eugenol contained in cloves can also be transformed into synthetic vanillin – synthetic vanilla flavouring, which is around 300 times cheaper than naturally-derived vanilla. 

 Cloves and Good Health

Think of cloves, and you’ll most often think about a trip to the dentist. This is thanks to clove’s principal chemical component eugenol, which is a potent local anaesthetic and antiseptic. It is excellent for treating any painful tooth issues. 

Cloves boast antimicrobial properties that can help kill off harmful bacteria. It also has a vital role to play in regulating blood sugar function. Cloves contain the compound nigericin, which has been found to improve the purpose of the cells that produce insulin in the body. 

Delivering Cloves in Bulk Quantities

At Joseph Flach & Sons, we’re dedicated to supporting what you do best. We have established a global network of trusted suppliers for our more-than 600 dried botanicals, herbs and spices. We work with trade customers who require substantial quantities of raw food ingredients and who want to forge strong relationships with their supplier. Our extensive range has been sourced with quality in mind – we’ve done the hard work for you. We work with clients on six continents and are experienced exporters. Finally, we always aim to deliver outstanding customer service and your satisfaction is at the heart of what we do.

We offer cloves in the following forms:

  • Clove Oil

  • Cloves Ground - Botanical name: Eugenia aromatica

  • Cloves Whole - Botanical name: Eugenia aromatica

Please note that many botanicals come in different forms and grades which may determine or improve their suitability for specific applications. At Joseph Flach & Sons, we carry a broad range of products in various forms and grades. Please do check with our experts if you require a specific grade or form and they will be delighted to help you. 

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